ESN Petroleum Services Ltd Energy Smart Card

ESN Petroleum Services Ltd ( Energy Smart NG ), creator of the Energy Smart Card , is a virtual oil marketing company developing and marketing fleet fuelling management and payment solutions relying on technology.

The product Energy Smart Card is a reloadable prepaid card designed specifically for businesses whose employees purchase fuel, diesel, gas for mobility. It is specifically targeted at the transport sector for the primary use for fleet management, to give convenience and reduce losses in energy sourcing.

The Energy Smart Card is intelligent and therefore provides on-line, real time information on transactions. Our technological innovation helps the fleet managers to monitor every purchase done by their drivers either by sms, email or by logging on to our website to get the reports.

Energy Smart Card has customer relations and retainer suite that provides necessary reports, advice and support to the users of the cards as well as partner stations.

Stage Unknown EST April 2017
Sectors Information technology, Online payment processing, Software as a Service
Location Ikeja, Nigeria
Markets Nigeria
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