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The idea of the project is based on three essential questions:

– Why do farmers in Mali and more generally in West Africa make only one to two crops per year?
– Why the rural exodus and more generally the immigration increases from year to year in Africa and mainly in Mali?
– In the face of the problem caused by global warming, what technical solution could be proposed to improve the use of water resources while at the same time improving agricultural production?

That’s when the idea came to me to create ESenè which is an on-board system that captures the moisture content of the soil and the need for fertilization to bring water and fertilizer to crops by combining thus the reduction of the rate of use of water and the multiplication of harvests.
ESenè thus provides NGOs, farmers, communities, governments and associations with an all-in-one solution, ensuring the production of quality products with high added value, increasing the incomes of the populations in rural areas.

Sectors Agribusiness, Clean technology, Electronics
Location Bamako, Mali
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