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Environ adaptive capacity and resiliency related to climate change,



I started an Interactive online website that is based on using modern tools of information and space technologies and is especially critical for monitoring cyclones, floods, drought and the movements of Animals, insects and pathogens. The website will act as an Advisory network to enhance food security as well as ensuring agricultural sustainability to a Hungry planet. The website name is and the website is still in its developing stage.

When I relate with farmers, I noticed they are always interested on how to have less pesticide on their farm, less water in the food that we consume because customers want increased access to sustainably grown food.

What we do is to build a cloud base technology that recommends farmers when, where, and how much pesticide and water to use in order to optimize crop yields. Our job is to take all the data and we convert it into actions that farmers need to take on the farm.

Sectors Agribusiness, Animal farming, Crop farming
Location Akure, Nigeria
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