Energy Doctors We Design, Build and Lease Energy Saving Robots

We understand that it is difficult to sell energy savings to senior management, “The companies financial resources need to be used for more important things like company growth”

Which is why we have developed eSaaS, Energy Savings as a Service. This is anenergy-saving lease agreement with zero upfront costs and Guaranteed Minimum 10% overall electricity bill saving. You can finally saygoodbye to explaining how a large upfront investment will have a 5year return on investment.  We have made it so easy to achieve savings with eSaaS, a30-day approval process followed by a quick3-hour installation because time is money.  

You are probably wondering how we do this? We Design, Build and Lease Energy Saving Robots

The Botz deliver an immediate 10% energy saving. The energy savings are delivered using a unique patented solution that comes in various sizes from 1kVA up to 3000kVA.

The Botz machine learning artificial intelligence, allows us to guarantee the savings at a minimum of 10% with potential to achieve up to 50% overall electricity bill savings. The immediate savings allow your organization to see firsthand the benefit of Energy Efficiency Demand Side Management.

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