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ENECOL Alternative ecological solutions for energy, water, gas and food

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ENECOL seeks to alleviate as much as 85% the expenses of electric power, gas, drinking water and basic food, by means of 3 devices to know: 1-A hybrid system of electrical energy with components photo volvole, wind and energy free by feedback that will give light to the totally self-sufficient home. 2-A system of biocombustion designed to obtain biogas from the organic waste generated by the own household (shells, leftovers of food, wood waste, fecal feces and all material that is broken down and generates gases) 3-A tubular type device Approximately 10 cm in diameter by 1 meter of height, which by means of internal cooling captures the humidity of the environment by means of absorption or other means, to obtain water up to 95% potable and water rain in tanks for washing and baths.
In addition to the advisory, the construction of hydroponic crops carried out in the courtyards, solar, roofs and terraces.

Sectors Clean technology and energy
Location Manizales, Colombia
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