Enda The world's greatest running shoes, direct from the home of running

The running shoe industry is driven by faux-tech, the pseudo-science of pronation control shoes, and purposefully inconveniencing customers by changing shoes every year. So if a runner finds a shoe they love running in, odds are that it will be gone in a few months.

We bring together world class shoe designers, developers, and Kenyan athletes to create performance running shoes that capture the skills and experience of Kenyan athletes. We will produce these shoes as ethically as possible and distribute them directly to customers around the world.

Through Kenyan production, global sales, and persistent storytelling, Enda will provide a means through which runners globally can connect to Kenyan running greatness. We’re not just selling products, but building relationships built on three pillars: product, running coaching, and social impact.

We started with a Kickstarter campaign in 2016, made & sold 1800 shoes, and are now raising the capital to grow in 2018.

Stage Unknown EST November 2015
SectorsE-commerce, Manufacturing, Specialty retail
LocationNairobi, Kenya
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