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EmprendHEC We accelerate the prosperity of 1 M future unknown winners

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Short description:

EmprendHEC is an EdTech-FinTech Startup, working on accelerating the prosperity of one million undiscovered future achievers. Pre-seed stage, based in México. We are validating our comprehensive EdTech-FinTech Solution (MVP). We are a “Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub” partner and are supported by IDEA Gto (Guanajuato State Innovation and Entrepreneurship Institute).

What do we do?

It doesn’t matter where you are based, who your parents are, or if you don’t study at a fancy college. It doesn’t matter if you are a pre-grad or just graduated from college and don’t have experience, resources, a credit history, or a great network.

EmprendHEC Community is a web-based platform that accelerates the prosperity of undiscovered future achievers, with a proprietary discovery technology and a comprehensive acceleration model that includes training, networking, tools, cheap financing, mentoring, connections, and follow-up!

Sectors EdTech, Fintech, HR and recruitment
Location León, Mexico
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