Emkingstual Global Emkingstual Global is fashion industry

Emkingstual Global is sole proprietorship business which specializes in fashion design which produce unique branded outfit for unisex. It has been incorporated with CAC and FIRS. Our target customers are individual, family, group, primary and secondary school, tertiary institutions and corporate organization. We produce unique branded material such as English wear and traditional attire, varsity jacket and T-shirt of different variety. We came on board because of need assessment to produce unique customized outfit for our target customers and to bridge the gap of the difficult faced by our target customers in getting these material to themselves. We have also designed a business model to overcome our competitors and retain our customers through price incentives, home/office delivery services, and well design marketing channel through online marketing, well package customers feedback sessions. Emkingstual want to be the household name in nearest future through. Thank you.

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Emplacement Minna, Nigeria
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