El-kanis and Partners Mobile and Web solution for farm efficiency and online food-store

El-kanis Foodstore, an Agritech disruptive Innovation enable farmers improve efficiency and help retain bigger share of their crop value. We offer farmers access to information they need using their mobile phones which improves farm productivity such as direct purchase of livestock feeds and fertilizer, connecting with agro-consultants and access to market. With the exponential penetration of our mobile technology application, El-kanis Foodstore solutions will help over 100,000 Smallholder farmers scale their farming practices, improve yields and connecting them to larger supply chains, and expanded markets thus, addressing food security, adaptation & resilience to climate change. Using mobile money from our partner’s platform will aid farmers receive payments via their mobile phone for each farm produce sold, thus addressing mobile financial service and inclusion. The more farmers produce is sold on our online platform, the more money our company and farmers make.