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EKhaya Property Finance Reshaping Affordable Housing Finance in Africa

Cover image of EKhaya Property Finance, Banking venture on VC4A

e-Khaya is an emerging market technology company (Fintech) that uses traditional financial, banking, and lending instruments that delivers quality affordable housing units, creates sustainable wealth and solves Africa’s systemic affordable housing crisis, and bridges the mid-term inequality gap.

Overall Objectives:
1. Finance sustainable affordable housing developments
2. Funding developments that provide a steady rental income to landowners
3. E-Khaya uses financial technology (fintech) to deliver the affordable housing product.

Our unique product will turn their property into an asset that will earn them an income well into their retirement. We offer homeowners mortgage finance for the complete construction of the rooms and each room must be rented out by the homeowner to help cover the cost of the mortgage.

The housing crisis is prevalent across Africa with about 18 mil units deficit according to the Centre for Urban Housing Finance (CAHF) https://housingfinanceafrica.o

SectorsBanking, Fintech
LocationSandton, South Africa
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