EgyWater Company Social startup innovating sustainable and affordable water solutions

Access to water is very limited in rural communities in Egypt, where the water network and infrastructure is ageing and under-maintained. In more remote areas, the pipes and shallow wells mix with the sewage systems. Many communities depend on NGOs to provide water treatment units for whole villages as the alternatives are either too expensive, unavailable or ill adapted for the context. EgyWater has developed a sustainable and cost efficient ceramic water filter made from natural materials to serve the bottom of the pyramid market in Egypt. The filter design is based on Canadian technology that has already been implemented in different countries around the world. EW’s inhouse R&D team, in collaboration with several academic institutions, developed the filter to suit the Egyptian market and context, as Egypt’s water faces both chemical and microbiological issues and not just microbiological issues like in many other African countries.

Secteurs Traitement de l'eau, Eau, assainissement et hygiène
Emplacement New Cairo, Égypte
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