Efoyta Our greates happiness is helping the poor farmer

Currently, many small-scale African farmers are facing many problems because of the way they procced their agricultural system. They use traditional ploughing system which is ineffective and energy consumer. To solve the above problems, we innovate a new machine that solves and activate their ploughing, sowing and spraying herbicides activities.
Efoyta sower machine has three main components which are plough, sower and sprayer. When we pull or push from behind, the plough part can effectively plough the land without any difficulty, the sower part sows the seeds when it rotating and the sprayer part sprays the fertilizer near to the target land.
Our product is different from other farming machines because of its efficiency and affordability by those farmers who are engaged in small scale farming.
Our strategy is just providing efficient and cost-effective product for our customers. Since our product is easily accessible and friendly to use, it is more preferable by the poor farmers.

Stage Startup stage EST September 2018
Sectors Farm machinery
Location Mek'ele, Ethiopia
Markets Ethiopia
Customer model B2B, B2C
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