EduXtra Educational and Skill Acquisition Services

I am an entrepreneur and a business development professional, my business venture EduXtra is an Online Educational Service built purposely to change teaching and learning methods by delivering technology driven solutions that will change the way students are taught in schools and during private lessons , access to affordable educational content, and to provide tech vocational education that can ultimately replace the degree and give adults an opportunity to acquire a skill which will not only be affordable but enable them have a career path.

We are going to use different innovative learning methods i.e by creating educational software and programmes that can be used on VR (Virtual Reality) devices hence its integration into schools and Private Lessons as an effective & innovative learning method.

We are also looking at the use of holograms and AI (Artificial Intelligence) for learning purposes, i.e where a pre programmed hologram can be activated in the classroom and also in the home of the student subscribing for our private lessons.

We also want to give teachers an opportunity to earn an extra income by becoming private tutors in different subjects in their various locations, they get registered on our site and we match them with people who want private lessons for their kids, wards, etc.

We are also going to introduce a technical & vocational service for the uneducated to acquire a skill for a better livelihood.

Stage Unknown EST April 2017
LocationPort Harcourt, Nigeria
MarketsBenin, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa
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