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EduRecords Two-way engaging virtual classroom - Learning anywhere



About 90% of students in the world have had their schooling disrupted. This impact has been more on the poor countries who had failed to support learners (UNESCO, June 2020). In response, some educators (including government) have come up with interventions attempting to close the gap. these palliative solutions have not actually provided the needed schooling engagements apart from being very expensive with limited coverage.

EduRecords is an in-class analytics tool that helps teachers, students, parents and administrators better manage teaching outcomes. EduRecords partners with public and private schools to improve education outcomes using simple processes and products that regularly collect real-time data from the schools and students.
ClassOnAirNG is a two-way student engagement learning platform that engages over 20m students per lecture time at real-time.
It is an e-learning platform that runs without internet nor smartphones.

Secteurs Logiciel informatique, Éducation, Produits éducatifs, Services éducatifs, Mobile
Emplacement Lagos, Nigeria
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