ECORGANIC CO LTD Aquaponics - Organic Crops Production integrated with Fish Farming

We are living in a moment of crisis but few are aware of it. The latest statistics show that out of two women, one will be diagnosed with Cancer and out of three man, one will be diagnosed with Cancer. This is due to our Lifestyle.

A major component of our Lifestyle is our Diet. The Fruits and Vegetables we eat are grown using synthetic Fertilisers and Pesticides. The Fish we eat from the Sea contains plastic in the form of nano-particles.

Aquaponics is an innovative agri-tech that allows use to grow Natural Fruits and Vegetables as well as Plastic-Free Freshwater Fish and requires approximately 10-15 minutes per day.

At EcOrganic Co. LTD, we provide Aquaponics Consultancy Services, whether it’s Aquaponics for Home or Business. We design and build Aquaponics Systems for people. We also train people to design and build their own. We will also operate our own Aquaponics Farm in Mauritius soon.

Our experience and expertise makes us the Best Aquaponics Consultant in Afr

SectorsAgribusiness, Consulting and business development, Fish farming
LocationSt Julien, Mauritius
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