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Ecorganic CO LTD We produce and sell organic leafy vegetables and freshwater fish.

Venture Profile Ecorganic CO LTD image of SASA Award ECORGANIC

ECORGANIC CO LTD is a Mauritian Company that is disrupting the agricultural industry in Mauritius.
We attend to the following problems:
– Shortage of fresh organic leafy greens on the market
– Traditional Farming techniques negatively affect our people health and environment because they require the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilisers
– Traditional Farming techniques utilises a lot of land and water which are both scarce resources
We address the above mentioned problems by producing organic vegetables using a technique called Aquaponics:
– Aquaponics can be done anywhere to grow organic vegetables and is infinitely scaleable from small backyard system to large commercial system
– Aquaponics do not use synthetic chemicals
– Aquaponics uses up to 5x less land and 90% less water than traditional agriculture
Our target market is people aged between 25-54, amounting to 557,000. We only need 12,720 clients per week to operate at maximum production and earn $52,684 monthly.

SectorsAgribusiness, Crop farming, Fish farming
LocationSaint Julien d Hotman, Mauritius
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