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Ecolana Your guide to recycling!

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Ecolana is revolutionizing the way mass consumer companies participate in the inclusive recycling process. Ecolana’s unique value proposition is its innovative recycling program that identifies key materials from companies that are not recycled connects consumers to the collection centers and provides them with information about these active recycling materials and campaigns. In turn, it connects consumer companies with such centers and with recyclers. Through its inclusive recycling program, Ecolana: • Facilitates a circular process in which the consumer actively participates in the recycling of consumer brands products. • Guarantees that companies improve recycling practices by identifying excess waste materials that are not controlled in recycling processes. • Adds value to the collection centers of intake material and establishes lasting relationships between companies and the collection centers.

SectorsPackaging, Smart city solutions, Waste management and recycling
LocationMexico City, Mexico
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