Eco-fi Revolutionizing Africa's electricity with Hydro-power

Driven by the inefficiency of electricity in Nigeria and Africa as a whole, There was a need to for a solution to mitigate the effect of this inefficiencies, and Eco-fi was birthed. We are solving the problem of electricity by Providing an alternative source of energy through the use of hydro-powered generators which uses water and steam as its fuel, thereby Reducing the costs for users who spend excessive money on petroleum products and in turn pollutes the environment. Eco-fi uses moisture from the atmosphere which in turn serves as the fuel for the generator, and in situations where there are little humidity, we use solar as a point of call to pump water directly to the generator, thereby ensuring the adequacy of electricity for both residential and industrial use, therefore saving users of excess cost in terms of bills and other excesses. This is a unique idea, cause we found a solution for both the consumer wants and needs, thereby makin this idea of great potential for investors

Sectors Clean technology and energy, Hydropower, Renewable energy
Location Owerri, Nigeria
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