Eazycrypt Crypto Bank for Africa



Eazycrypt is a crypto banking service optimized to power and make financial services accessible and affordable to all individuals and businesses. We aim to be the leading cryptocurrency payment integration company in Africa and beyond.

We are offering three solutions:

1. Save & Invest (Earnings from holding crypto) with our Eazycrypt wallet solution for investment in partnership with a trade and fund management company, from which we get returns that would be shared amongst our users according to their crypto asset portfolio.

2. Instant payments (Settled in local flat currencies) with our Eazycrypt Remit for transfer of funds for individuals and businesses.

3. Access to Liquidity (Have crypto, spend fiat anywhere, anytime in the world) with our Eazycrypt Crypto Debit Card which you can load from your Eazycrypt Wallet, for spending anywhere and anytime in the world.

StageStartup stage EST December 2017
SectorsFinancial services
LocationLagos, Nigeria
Customer modelB2B2C
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