EastWind Laboratories Limited Customer Satisfaction, Our Mandate!

Nigeria losses $8.9 to the late evacuation of perishable produce from the farms yearly. Our innovation is called RAAS – Refrigeration As A Service. RAAS is a value-added service in the agricultural value chain. RAAS is designed and implemented as a solar-powered coldroom to aid farmers in reducing post-harvest losses and increase the shelf lives of perishable commodities.
The importance of the project is hinged on the following outcomes:
1. Simulating small scale business development in Ile-Ife.
2. Engaging the Bottom of the Pyramid population in Ile-Ife
3. Empowering women particularly to generate more income instead of losing it to spoilage.
4. Creating jobs for people who meet the need for refrigerated products in the city.
5. Creating opportunities for people to be able to plan their lives and be more in control of their time for gainful enterprise instead of shopping every day.
6. Empowering youths who are mostly hawkers of refrigerated commodities.