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Eagle sports Eagle sports is about selling sports equipment

Cover image of Eagle sports, Clothing and textiles production venture on VC4A

Eagle Sports is a new innovative idea and business that has never been established in Somaliland. Eagle sports is a about selling sports equipment to the local community in Hargeisa and far reaching all regions of Somaliland. The business began due to the high demand of sporting clothing and equipment, as sports particularly football is well loved and has created an opportunity to supply to people. We have many football leagues that have started in all regions of Somaliland with the most popular being in Hargeisa, the capital city of Somaliland. The teams highlighted they did not have their own football kits, so we contributed to the need by designing and creating high quality jersey kits for the different teams playing in Somaliland leagues. This was a great success as it was the first time that a football club in the Somaliland has it owns jersey when playing sports.

SectorsClothing and textiles production, E-sports, Sports and wellness
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