e-Lunet Optic The online opticians for Africa

Over 500 Million people in Africa live with uncorrected vision impairments. Eyeglasses are expensive compared to the average income. Taking an eye test is a big challenge too. 

In Cameroon, 1 optician for 200000 people compared to France 1 optician for 1850 people. 20 eye doctors for over 20 Million people.

E-Lunet Optic is a blended solution combining online opticians and e-health. 

With e-Lunet Optic, eye tests become free, easy and fast. Eyeglasses become affordable to the majority. Our business model is intended for customers with low income, living in areas where seeing in still a luxury.

Besides prescription eyeglasses, e-Lunet Optic also provides leisure glasses, reading glasses and blue cut protective glasses along with different accessories.

Our customers are:

– People living in Africa, where eyeglasses and eye tests are not accessible

– African diaspora taking care of vision needs of the family in Africa

E-Lunet Optic relies on the expertise and professionalism of its opticians, and remote eye-doctors, to fix vision impairments and provide the African diversity with the best online service for vision needs.