E-line vegetgables Indispensable good health

E-line vegetables Is an agricultural commercial business, collect vegetables from farmers in all areas of Rwanda especially legumes includes carrots, aubergines, ,green legumes and onions to provide availability of agricultural product fast, right price and satisfaction of our customer. Company has a big network with Farmers of those listed vegetables and some qualified wholesaler of vegetables in Nyabugogo to work together to handle the issues of poor vegetables, and to satisfy our big market.
E-linevegetables came to solve a problem of time consuming at market, perishability and right food composed by all nutrients for all households, restaurants, hotels in Kigali and around Kigali which are sometime suffer from the low quality vegetables from unspecialized retailers long journey from store market to the customer sometime perishability from long period and costly due to high processing, time, journey and no choice for ordering.

Sectors Agribusiness
Location Kigali, Rwanda
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