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E-CO-SYSTEM agriculture, aquaponie, breading and restauration

e-co-system is a company that aims to promote food self-sufficiency in Africa generally through agriculture, livestock farming and aquaponics. in order to achieve its goals, the e-co-system proposes to create an agricultural farm in each African country to overcome food shortages by producing both food and feed grains, by densifying poultry farming, rabbit production, which will be used not only for the production of rabbit carcasses but also for the mass production of fly lavas (source of protein for poultry and fish), production of cow’s milk and carcasses of cattle. to reduce the carbon index of the continent due to the transport of food we will want to create two hundred restaurants in each country with an integrated aquaponic system in each restaurant for the production of aromatics and a tilapia tone per quarter thanks to the recycling of the remains of customers’ food to feed the fish.

Sectors Agribusiness, Animal farming, Fish farming
Location Douala, Cameroon
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