e-Afrika S.A. E-Afrika S.A. is a company in the digital economy sector created in February 2018 with the task of supporting the TEPs and SMEs to take advantage of digital to better build their brand image and create new business opportunities. To do so We have developed two platforms: e-afrika.com and bou-fi.com to facilitate connectivity and exchange between companies

Our main mission is to help companies optimize their communication and marketing budgets by improving their presence on the web, which has led us to develop our first two platforms:  www.e-afrika.com to give free visibility to all companies in general all sectors confused;  And www.bou-fi.com to reduce the asymmetry of financial information by facilitating access to information while giving active visibility to the players in the sector.
Beside these two platforms which are our phase products on which we rely mainly to address our market, we also offer many services of application development and web as well as value-added consulting services for customers (companies and individuals).

SectorsConnectivity, E-commerce, Information technology
LocationYaoundu00e9, Cameroon
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