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DYME Beauty App ( Pty) Ltd A smart phone app that brings beauty & spa services to you

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DYME Beauty App ( Pty) Ltd

DYME Beauty App ( Pty) Ltd

DYME beauty app is a one stop smartphone App solution for both Clients and Artists.
For Clients: saving time, costs, new comfort of enjoying beauty & spa services at your own space, transparent standardised pricing & payment methods. At the same time, tremendous job creation opportunities for Artists, majority- female. Today only less than 50% of qualified beauty professionals & spa therapists are either employed or working as a freelancers.
For the last 3 months we performed 105 paid services and we keep growing every day by keeping focus on coordinated marketing approach and strengthening our Customer relationship management ( CRM). Here are some of our latest achievements
OCT’ 18- full version launched in App store
NOV’ 18- operations launched in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban.
189 therapists signed up
4K+ customer App downloads
105 paid services provided in April-July

LocationCape Town, South Africa
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