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D’vine Edibles Eat, Drink, and live Natural

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The gut microbiome plays an important role in human health, influencing the development of metabolic diseases to gastro intestinal disorders . There is a world wide decline in gut health due to the increased consumption of artificial,processed foods ,GMOs and preservatives .Constant Intake of antibiotics kills off good bacteria then bad bacteria and yeast proliferate in the gut. Certain medications available over the counter without a prescription corrode the intestinal lining and mucus. The gut microbiome also influences the brain and mental condition . Naturally occurring probiotics( in billions )are found in the gut. Scientists have shown that intake of fermented foods , beverages and cultured dairy alleviates gastro intestinal problems thus improving health. My products contribute to the overall health by restoring a healthy gut. The milk used for dairy products is sterilised using cold purification technology , which preserves the bacterial,nutritional and enzymatic content .

Sectors Agritech, Food and beverage
Location Botswana
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