DTI Solar Using innovative solar designs in solving electricity problems

DTI Solar ltd started operations in the UK, as we carefully identified places in the UK without electricity grid, to be parks, on the boat, on the yacht, caravans, climbings and camping exercises. We saw this gap and we are filling those gaps at the moment.
In September 2015 we partially extended our operations to Nigeria in helping homes and businesses to be self power sufficient through solar power. We have invested massively in Nigeria in the area of research and product design suitable for Nigerian market. Our main business model is the deployments of pay as you go solar products and other innovative designs that addresses electricity problems in Nigeria.
We are planning to launch a show room in Lagos Nigeria, as show room will help clients to interact more with products and immediate feed back will be used in products improvements.
Our core products:
-Solar PAYG
-Solar AC
-Solar power banks
-Solar car battery charger
We are looking between $50000-$260000 funding.

The PAYG carries a moderate level of risk as and we have compiled some mitigating strategy to combat this:

Before credit line is extended, credit checks will be carried out on clients based on the following criteria:


Employment checks (KYC documents)

Income checks

Proof of address (House visitation)

Anyone without employments or proof of stable income will not be extended the prepaid solar.


-Proof of Business (Certificates of incorporation) (KYC)

Thank you.

Stage Unknown EST April 2015
Sectors Clean technology, Renewable energy
Location Lagos, Nigeria
Markets Nigeria
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