DSI Technologies Limited FinTech Company with a Vision to Power African Transactions

We aim to power African Transactions by leveraging on our payment infrastructure to create a Cashless Africa. Our long term vision is to become the Alibaba of Africa, acting as the Middleman between SMEs in Africa and Customers, home and abroad. We intend to use our Payment Infrastructure to release Payment Platforms for Individuals,SMEs and Multinationals, and Power our Niche C2C, B2C and B2B Online Marketplaces for the large number of internet savvy working class individuals, for our teeming number of SMEs (Currently standing at over 37 million and over 400 million in Nigeria and Africa respectively) and for our Big Businesses and Multinationals. Our target markets comprises of working class individuals, SMEs and Big Businesses in Africa, beginning with Nigeria. Also, we intend to reach out to the Unbanked (at 70 million and 350 million in Nigeria and Subsahara Africa respectively) by providing Mobile Money Services, thereby enabling financial inclusions.