Drop Access Productive Use of Energy for Rural Women

Over 70% of rural dwellers in Kenya are smallholder farmers who depend on crop production and animal farming for livelihoods. Unfortunately, most of rural Kenya is off-grid and faces poor economic environment consequently hindering the growth and success of farming. Most farmers cannot afford the upfront cost of buying pumping and irrigation equipment while animal farmers face massive post-harvest losses.
Drop Access provides farmers with Productive Use of Energy solutions, PUE. We install solar-powered pumping solutions to smallholder farmers with potential and willingness to pay for PUE assets for better productivity. We also supply solar-powered cold storage solutions such as freezers and chillers as well as sustainable heating solutions as briquette-powered boilers that enable farmers to add value to their products.
Our solutions contribute to food security and also promote energy access, beyond household solar and clean cookstoves. We target women-owned enterprises.

Stage Startup stage EST June 2016
Sectors Agritech, Clean technology and energy, Renewable energy
Location Kenya
Markets Kenya, Uganda
Customer model B2B, B2B2C
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