A Real-time Digital Drivers Outsourcing Platform for Employers.

DRIVERS is a technology and real-time digital drivers outsourcing platform for employers, connecting households and businesses to vetted professional drivers on demand. It handles training, verification, and management of drivers, hence, makes trained, vetted, trusted and reliable professional drivers readily available, to be engaged by employers via the web, mobile and USSD platforms.

Our long-term focus is on empowering the 64 million unemployed Nigerian youth with cost-free sophisticated training, resources, and employment opportunities to become financially independent, socio-economically included to the development of a Nigeria and an Africa free of poverty, vice and crime leading to peace and development in the region.

To date, Drivers NG has generated 7,800 jobs and on-boarded over 11,000 professional drivers on its platform and offers its services on a subscription and fee-per-service basis while managing the management and payment of drivers.

Stage Growth stage EST August 2016
Sectors HR and recruitment, Personal transport, Transport and logistics
Location Yaba, Nigeria
Markets Nigeria
Customer model B2B2C
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