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Dondosha is a digital distribution platform for publications. Dondosha takes advantage of the rapidly growing online demand as a medium for distributing newspapers, books, magazines and educational materials. The nature of our country’s infrastructure contributes to the setbacks of publication delivery on the offline market to 55,024,545 residents who live in upcountry that’s a great opportunity as for Dondosha playing a vital role as online distributor across the up-country and city in a most convenient way.

Our strong pillar is the simplest and convenient way for readers to access publications that is why we intended to empower librarians, bloggers, refreshment outlets and publishers through our network widget and as a platform it came to leverage the publication industry. Proved to be one of the easiest to use, and adaptable platform, DONDOSHA is now available at Google Play Store, App Store and Widgets;

Dondosha provides a personalized widget to publishers and starts selling their own publications on their websites.

Dondosha provides affiliate widget to online journalists in which customers can purchase the publications either on their blogs or social media pages.

Dondosha provides QR codes to outlets (e.g coffee shops and newsstands) whereby customers can scan the Dondosha QR code to have newspapers of the particular day.

Stage Unknown EST March 2017
LocationDar es Salaam, Tanzania, United Republic of
MarketsKenya, Tanzania, United Republic of
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