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DoLessons Tutoring and learning marketplace

DoLessons is supplementary learning, tutoring and tech-savvy teachers outsourcing marketplace for distressed K-12 students in Nigeria who need after-school extra classes to build firm self-study skills to raise grade and accelerate excellent performance in test scores through personalized learning. 

Our market research, speaking with teachers, 3 out of every 5 students who attend schools with an average of $3,000 annual tuition, either have a tutor or have had in the past, our target market is 15 million students in Lagos, additional 30% of this figure in FCT, 18% in Rivers state and 7% in Ogun state.

Addressable Market

We estimate that Nigeria is a $2 billion tutoring market. In other parts of the world, it is much bigger. In 2012, Forbes estimated tutoring industry to be worth $102.8 billion with South Korea alone worth $13.9 billion. It’s estimated to be worth over $7 billion in the US and about $8.59 billion in the UK. In Nigeria and largely Africa, this ma

Sectors E-commerce, Education, Educational services
Location Lagos, Nigeria
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