DoLessons DoLessons is an educational resources marketplace

DoLessons is an educational resources marketplace that seeks to connect academically distressed students in Nigeria to verified expert tutors for after-school academic drills, help young learners get better in learning, build self-study skills, raise grades and accelerate excellent performance in their test scores. We are also servicing Higher Institution libraries with relevant books for their programmes.

With over $20 Million spent on books and library resources by Higher Institutions in Nigeria, we estimate Education Resources market in Nigeria to be worth $10 Billion and will triple in a decade. If we assume that 30% of Higher Institutions in Nigeria will service their library through us, our addressable market is $3 Billion. For tutoring service, We consider Lagos, FCT, Ogun and Rivers as the states with significant potential of hiring a lesson tutor, with about 60% of Nigeria’s tutoring market based in Lagos, seeing that there are over twenty million families in Lagos.

If we assume that 20% of these students will be able to subscribe to our tutoring service, our direct addressable market for tutoring is 2.3 million students. Our Total Addressable Market is $207 Million.