DIRECTLINKS Directlnks is a social enterprise that increases the income of people.



Directlnks is a social enterprise that increases the income of people by better connecting them with desired goods and services using advertisement and e-commerce. It provides necessary exposure and publicity for small and medium scale Enterprises (cottage industries) in crowded urban spaces using advertisement, erasing the boundaries of market places and small customer base using e-commerce website and our hubs for those who do not have access to the online services.Basically, directlnks e-commerce is the buying and selling of goods and services on the internet and on different online networks especially World Wide Web.

From our research analysis, there are several million people living at the peripheries of crowded urban spaces, who earn income by engaging in production of clothing, household necessities and several craft-works. This is a viable market that can expand, given the proper amount of advertisement. Also the urban elite living close to the center of the city regularly encounter difficulties acquiring goods they need. This is a market demand, for which Directlnks will provide a supply, thereby increasing customer base and improving customer satisfaction.  

There are several people with viable businesses, living in crowded urban spaces; one way a social enterprise or an industry can double their income and still be sustainable is advertisement services. Most business owner are willing to pay for affordable advertisement services.

Stage Unknown EST March 2014
SectorsE-commerce, Education, Import and export
LocationOwerri, Nigeria
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