Dipteron UG Application for detecting Aedes mosquito risk areas

Zika, Dengue and Chikungunya are viral diseases transmitted by the same mosquito, the Aedes species. At present more than 2 billion of people are at risk and more than 50 million are infected per year in the globe. Only in Brazil, more than 2.000 cities are in alert status for Dengue outbreaks with an annual government expenses of US$ 500 million. Dipteron has developed an application for detecting Aedes mosquito risk areas based on artificial intelligence that combines satellite data and ground data. Airlines and international travel agencies can saves time by supporting traveller organizations to risk areas; governmental and non-governmental can save money by reducing the costs of campaigns and remediation; medicine suppliers, insecticide or mosquito repellent companies so it can saves time and costs to precise risk areas.

SectorsEnvironmental services
LocationDarmstadt, Germany
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