Dilish instant foods Cook Easy, Eat Healthy Instant Bean Meals

Dilish Instant Foods is an agro-processing company which focuses on processing Cowpea Beans (the most proteineous plant based staple in Nigeria) into cleaned and packaged beans, skinned beans, beans powder. With our products over 85% of the drudgery involved in preparing beans related meals is removed, also, the time it takes to prepare these meals is reduced by 1hr or more. Our products make cooking much easier and quicker for working mothers and encourages families to consume this nutritious protein based product. It also help women to spend less time cooking, it also encourages diabetics and health conscious people to consume this proteineous plant-based food which has a low Glycemic Index. Our product is also beneficial to weight watchers and people with health conditions that prevents them from taking animal based protein (because of their high cholesterol and fats content) as it gives them an alternative source of the protein that the body so crucially needs.

Stage Unknown EST September 2015
Sectors Agribusiness
Location Lagos, Nigeria
Markets Benin, Ghana, Niger, Nigeria, Togo
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