Digimaxmart online shopping -Wireless &Smart Accessories with free global delivery

Digimaxmart is your one-stop online store where the upward and mobile populace can get quality and portable internet-enabled wireless devices that improve their digital lifestyle at a very affordable and competitive price.

The devices are sourced at manufacturer cost from abroad and delivered in good time to the customers. Sports and health wearables, Speakers, headphones, earphones, chargers, trackers, smart home devices, Bluetooth gadgets etc. The products sourced are very unique and well researched. The primary market is Nigeria however, users from abroad will be able to place an order on the store
The customer (Corporate or individual), will have an option placing an order directly from the store or choose a drop-shipping option that gives them access to order from store on popular e-commerce giants like amazon, alibaba, aliexpress etc. The entire business process is fully automated and customizable to deliver maximum profit.

Sectores Comercio electrónico, Sanidad, Internet de las cosas (IoT)
Ubicación Ojota, Nigeria
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