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Dicorne Produce innovative, healthy, and delicious food products.

The market demands healthy products that have few ingredients, that are sustainable with the environment, and that generate impact; especially, for the new generations such as millennials and centenarians. Today the offer of these type of products are limited. Only in the USA, the food industry amounts to $ 2.0 Trillion, of these, the segment of healthy products is $ 127 Billion.

We found the solution to this problem by developing different healthy food (superfoods) such as Andean corn snacks, Andean lupini bean, among others. All initiatives must be accompanied by a social impact and as a way to eradicate socio-cultural and environmental problems that are relevant to Ecuador. Therefore, we are working with native-indigenous communities from rural areas. So far, we are working with approximately 2400 people (515 families) that harvest lupini bean.

Sectores Alimentos y bebidas
Ubicación El chaupi, Ecuador
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