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Diaspora Realty Real Easy, Real Safe, Real Estate

Do you know that African migrants usually have a strong emotional and social connection with their home countries and remit billions of dollars home annually? Do you also know that many of them desire to acquire a befitting property at home? However African property markets can be very risky to navigate.  The whole process can often be very stressful as well as cumbersome.  

Our mission is to create a secure and convenient channel through which Africans in diaspora can buy or build property in their home countries. Convenience is provided through the creation of a curated property investment platform while security is assured by the development of an innovative operating model to help de-risk the process of acquiring property in African markets.

Remittances to SSA were estimated at ~$37 billion in 2017. Nigeria is the largest recipient of such funds in the region and will be our first market on the continent. Nigeria is said to have a massive housing deficit an

Sectors Construction, Fintech, Real estate
Location Lagos, Nigeria
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