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dHope! Nigeria Stay stylish in recycled fashion

I live and study in Nigeria where waste management is so poor and environmental defacement is a normal sight to behold everyday. Being resident in a students’ environment, I saw that over 90% of the rubbish on the streets were thrown out by students looking for cheaper and easier means to dispose their thrash and that is what we have provided, an even easier and fun waste management process.

Now, instead of throwing thrash out the window when no one is looking, having it beaten by rain and shine, defacing the environment before finally being burned down months later, you can send in your thrash and have it turned into a bracelet or a mouse pad just like magic! We are on our way to achieving our main goals of reducing the amount of waste in the environment, solving societal/health issues, providing employment opportunities for some students, help manage the waste of others and provide cheap and accessible fashion for the rest, and all these we do without having them break the bank.

SectorsEnvironmental services, Fashion, Water, sanitation and hygiene
LocationLagos, Nigeria
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