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Dew Fresh Veggies A B2B Farm seeking to address the challenges of Post Harvest Losses

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Dew Fresh Veggies

Dew Fresh Veggies

Our Solution is to provide ready for certification pack houses with offgrid cold chain management system for aggregation purposes , which will provide chilling services from the first to the last mile , This will grant them access to premium markets and better prices for the produce.
They can also store at the cold chain facilities to resell at later dates,using the slow ripening methods of cooling for optimum shelf life .
Cold Chain Management Aggregation will
1. Reduce incidence of post harvest losses and food wastage,which enhances efficiency of farm operations
2. Improve lives and livelihood of small holder rural farmers due to access to premium markets and better prices
3.Increase employment in the rural areas due to expansion in farming operations
4. Reduce significantly rural-urban migration
5. Ensure significant returns to investors annually .

SectorsAgribusiness, Crop farming, Farm machinery
LocationIhunbo, Nigeria
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