all purpose delivery - Venture image is a smart mobility solution centered on logistics with the sole purpose of providing hassle free last mile delivery and beyond.
Despatch does this by tackling the everyday problems people face when engaging delivery services for fulfilment and most often than not, customers face several problems as highlighted below
Immediate unviability of delivery services
Failed pick up and delivery by dispatch rider
Poorly trained dispatch riders
Cost by customer spent looking for alternatives
Time spent by customer looking for alternatives
Getting delivery services best suited for a delivery task
Regular delivery services saying that cannot pickup or deliver at certain locations
Despatch clearly solves by doing one thing which is pool delivery services, this solves the above problems in the following ways;
Immediate access to delivery services via one channel
Ensure pick and delivery
Train and pool dispatch riders
Cut down cost spent on looking for alternatives
Cut down spent looking on alternatives
Access delivery services best suited for a delivery ask
Provides wider coverage to locations
Also Despatch is not just solely focused on providing hassle delivery but being a catalyst for trade in West Africa, our vision is to provide the needed spark businesses need to grow and thrive much like ‘GRAB’ of Asia