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Mobile application with pay button, for first-level medical consultations at home, and nurses ‘ services, with average prices of $21.99, and $18.99 respectively, at times 24/7. Doctors are located 5km to the round to have efficiency and opportunity of arrival. Strategic alliances with laboratories, pharmacies, and other services around health, creating a collaborative economy, at lower prices, and reaching that 87% of the unprotected population of private or public health services. It is a commercial model applicable at national level, and exportable to other countries. The first year is projected to link to 300 physicians and a sustained monthly growth of 10 additional physicians and average sales over the annual 480k. We generate immediate work for newly graduated doctors and nurses, with an additional 70% income from public and private sector salaries. We prevent or treat diseases of greater complexity on time.

Sectors Healthcare, Healthcare providers and services
Location Quito, Ecuador
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