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DERMISHO ENTERPRISE Agricultural Tech, Consultation, Management, Investment and Academy.

The Dermisho Utility and Farm Management Application (DUFMA) is an agricultural service oriented online/mobile application available to android and IOS
The DUFMA Bridges the distance between agricultural Sectors (farmers, suppliers, extensionists, consultants,
educators and project managers and agencies) by providing all participating actors a joint database that guarantee maximum exposure and ensures more farmers emerge with less fear of Failure. FEATURES:
1. Investment Farming
2. Agricultural E-commerce space
3. Agricultural News and events portal
4. Training portal and online agricultural material database.
5. Agricultural consultation and management portal
6. In-App currency and wallet
To operate primarily as a service base agricultural company, that mediate between farmers, respective market and investors. Providing timely information,
consultation, management to clients.

LocationLagos, Nigeria
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