guaranteed 3 days lastmile fulfillment anywhere in Nigeria

Deliverasap is a lastmile fulfillment firm that seeks to provide guaranteed same day, next day, two days and three days fulfillment service to MSME Importers, Busy Professionals and E-Commerce Merchants anywhere in Nigeria. We are going to work on these using technologies such as Process Improvement and Automation, Machine Learning and AI, Cloud Computing Technologies, with the pan to scale towards IoT and Robotics within the next 2 years.

We kickstarted July 2020 by activating one of the three services and just two out of a possible ten and we have organically, and without any form of advert, successfully fulfill order worth over N17 million.
We are, at the moment, developing and refining our webapp and mobile app based on feedback gotten during our 6 months pilot stage, and also building up the team towards a full commercial launch by July 13, 2021 before which we would be ready to move up to the Seed Stage.

Sectors Diversified services, E-commerce, Logistics
Location Lagos, Nigeria
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