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Delicious Mushrooms Growing mushrooms, value addition and training

My project is about growing mushrooms, value addition and training groups in Kenya. According to National Farmers Information Service (NAFIS), Kenya produces 500 tons of mushrooms annually (of which 476 tons being button) and her demand is 1200 tones, We therefore want to reduce this gap.
From our reputable consultants research to help us determine if the odds were against us and if the business was worthwhile for us to go into. The results were favorable as the strengths and opportunities available to us far outweighed the threats and weaknesses we had or were likely to encounter.
The strength of our business lies in the fact that we would be growing various kinds of edible mushrooms to be able to reach a wide number of customers here in Nairobi and also in the whole of Kenya from our farm.
we will also offer training to intending mushroom farmers as well as consultancy services as well.

Sectors Agribusiness, Diversified services, Waste management and recycling
Location Nairobi, Kenya
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