Dechets a L’Or Creating cleaner cities with brighter futures

Dechets a l’Or is a low-tech waste management system for cities of West Africa. We collects and process solid waste in cities of West Africa into products such as fertilizer, recyclable material, and energy. We turn Garbage into Gold! Our mission is to change how cities in sub-Saharan Africa view their waste.

The World bank estimates that the over 3 billion urban inhabitants produce over 1.3 billion tonnes of waste per year. By 2025 it is estimated that this will increase to 4.3 billion urban inhabitants producing over 2.2 billions tonnes of waste per year. In Africa, with an urban population of 260 million inhabitants produces over 61.7 million tonnes of waste per year. By 2025, Africa is estimated to have an urban population of 1,125 creating over 161.2 million tonnes of waste per year. Only 41% of this waste is collected.

Dechets a l’Or sees the uncollected waste in urban environments as a missed opportunity. We believe that through collection and processing of this waste, we can help cities create jobs, increase fertilizer access to farmers, increase energy availability, improve the environment and increase public health.