Dauson Social Commodity Serving Enterprise The enterprise sales rice, beans, honey, cooking oil and sugar

The enterprise sales social commodities to customer and is established in area where these service are limited to meet needs of people. It deals with collecting goods from whole sellers and selling to final consumers. Its focus is to engage in packing these goods in scales which are affordable by consumers and help them access at time they need. Honey is very important nutritious food but is sold locally without proper packaging. My enterprise is resolving this challenge through proper packing and ensuring availability to consumers while modernizing its market. Likewise, crops such as beans and rice become very expensive at some seasons due to poor packaging and storage skills that influence producers to sell all in production season after harvest and thus become scarce in some season. My Enterprise look forwards to engage typically in packaging and storage for these crops and selling them at affordable cost minimizing the doubling of price as it trends in some calendar of the year.

Stage Unknown EST April 2018
Sectors Agribusiness, Business services, Food production
Location Tanzania, United Republic of
Markets Tanzania, United Republic of
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