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My Business is Moringa Farming and it seeks to have 10hectares of land for farming which will provide jobs for over 50people. Because of the value Moringa has, my business would explore every part of Moringa (Bark, leaf, seeds) and generate income.

The goal is to have 10hectares of land for farming.

Moringa is one of the major sources of livelihood to the Northerners in Nigeria and that is why buyers travel from distant cities (such as Abuja, Lagos, kaduna,etc) to source for scarce Moringa in remote communities. According to research, few farmers are in to commercial Moringa farming and that is why it almost impossible to cater for its high market demand.

It takes about 6 -8months for Moringa tree to get matured for harvest and on a well fertilized land, there are about 8000 – 10000kg of Moringa Seeds and 1kg is sold at the rate of N1300. Minimum of 80,000kg would be generated on 10hectares of land. Over N100Million ($277,777) would be generated on 10hectares of land.

LocationLagos, Nigeria
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