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DAITRANS LOGISTICS Marketing; Business Listing; Business Advertisement; e-Commerce

Our Current Project (January 2020) will set a Business Listing and an advertisement platform for SERVICES and businesses across Nigeria through a WEBSITE and an android APP. The platform will increase the online visibility of Vendors, Suppliers, services Providers and will be accessible to all types of Businesses including micro and Small Scale Businesses.
Knowing that the e-commerce size in Nigeria is as huge as 13 Billion USD,
the number of sMSE is roughly the same than the number of Smartphones in Nigeria which is around 37,000,000.

The goal of the FUNDING request is to strengthen the Start-Up (Daitrans Logistic services ltd) for the effective co-ordination of the Field Marketers and the implementation of the project which involved:
– Recruitment and Training of Additional Staff
– Recruitment and Training of 200 field Marketers in major States and cities in Nigeria.
– Implementation of The marketing and e-marketing Strategy

Sectors E-commerce, Enterprise software, Marketing and PR
Location Abuja, Nigeria
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