Daily Fresh Farms An ICT driven business that transforms cassava peels into animal feed

This is an ICT driven business whose solution increases the availability and reduces the cost of feed for livestock animals in Nigeria while reducing cassava peels waste and promoting environmental sanitation.
Cassava peels are bye product of cassava processing recognized as potential feed sources but wasted constituting a major environmental nuisance around processing centers. These peels are transformed into high quality, safe feed ingredient within 5 hours, producing one ton of High Quality Cassava Peel (HQCP) Mash from 3 tons of wet peels.
Our online platform provides market access solution for peel producers by connecting them directly to the buyer. It also promotes seamless logistic system (for peels collections) and rural financial inclusion through mobile money transfers.
Livestock farmers also uses these platform to order for HQCP Feeds directly . Two types of HQCP Feeds are produced. The Fine feed suitable for e.g poultry and Coarse Feed suitable for e.g pig,cattle e

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